SOKO mobile app and CMS

Complex local marketplace for Zanzibar & Tanzania where people post their products and services to sell.


Comprehensive learning tool created out of affection for high school students. Mobile application that improves systematic studying.

Project Details

Twin Targets was requested to build an extensive cross-platform mobile application with Content Management System. The main challenge was a very limited budget despite the complexity of functionalities. The problematic factor was the peculiar culture and climate, which required special attention to design and specific forms of payment.


The team designed UX/UI based on SOKO branding, benchmarking, and a few own ideas with special attention to lots of sun in Tanzania and old-fashioned smartphones. The application was developed for both iOS and Android using React Native framework, which saves time and money spent on building a mobile app on both platforms. On top of that, there is an admin panel where the owner can set categories, subcategories, users, edit and accept products, and decide on the length of the post’s validity. A fully working hybrid mobile application works extremely efficiently, allowing for trouble-free contact between the seller and the buyer, which is also facilitated by the location system (in the absence of names and street numbers in some parts of the country it’s extremely helpful!). Finally, the Twin Targets team integrated the SMS gateway and the exceptional mobile money payment gateway.

Our Job

UX/UI Design

CMS Development
Back-End Development

Front-End Development

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

SMS gateway integration

Mobile Money payment gateway integration

Google Maps integration

Quality Assurance



React Native

Michal Kurylek, CEO of Kurylko Group
It was a fruitful experience. Whenever I wanted to apply a new function or edit something, it was ready the next day! My app was built on time and way more attractive than I expected.

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