More Luxury Group Branding

Personalized luxury lifestyle boutique, providing a “smart management” approach. Luxury yachts, private jet charters & aircraft management, helicopters, and exclusive villas within one unique brand.


Comprehensive learning tool created out of affection for high school students. Mobile application that improves systematic studying.

Project Details

The project’s scope included a full branding of the new company More Luxury Group. The main challenge was to establish the brand as a trusted, luxurious and attractive for the well-defined target audience. The new unified brand needed to stand out from the competition and ensure that messaging is understandable to the public.


The branding process determined which elements connect with the target persona. To reflect the spirit and essence of the More Luxury Group brand, the team created a new logo, font, color palette, and graphic visual content. The main focus was to make sure that brand identity is distinct, memorable, and cohesive.


Our Job

Brand Identity


Color Palette


Business Cards

Graphic Design


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