We design and build great products

TwinTargets connects the best designers and developers around the world - thanks to that building an application is easy, beneficial and transparent.


Why we do what we do?

We believe that creating a website or application should be easy and pleasant, as well as accessible to everyone regardless of the initial budget.

What do we do?

We create websites, mobile and web applications, from simple prototypes, MVPs with several functionalities, to complex solutions. No matter if you only have an idea or a ready project - we plan the product together with you, we make and deliver for you based on a transparent process for a fixed price.

We provide you with world-class application delivery - either by working with your existing team or creating it all by ourselves - and we involve you in product development at every stage.

We help in solving technological problems by using the best global technical talents that we manage

  • Mobile App

  • Software

  • Web App

  • Website & E-commerce


What do you get?

  • Agreed Fixed price

    This allows you to set your budget in advance and focus on product idealization instead of keeping an eye on finances

  • Flexibility

    If necessary, we will adapt to changes in the contract, price, and deadline

  • Transparent process

    Regular meetings, feedback, the demo of work progress - it keeps you under control

  • Dedicated Project Manager

    You always stay in touch with the same person who manages your project and knows it inside out

  • Experience

    You get a team of specialists that built over 500 Successful projects.

  • No Bullshit

    We won’t tell you that we can do everything as you wish, instead, we will advise you on the best way to achieve your goal

  • Consulting

    As experienced consultants, we will help you make sure that the money invested in technology will be well spent, and you will implement only those functions that are most beneficial.

  • Customer property

    All intellectual property and copyright is transferred to you after the project is completed

How does it work?

Step 1

Analysis and preparation of the project plan

During the first conversation, we discuss the product you want to build or check what you already have and how we can develop it. After the assessment, we are able to draw up an initial estimation and timeline for you. We define in detail what will be prepared at what stage.

Step 2

Design Mockups

We work together to prepare an interface and graphic visualization, taking care of every detail so as to freely go to the programming part.

Step 3

App development

We create your product in stages, in such a way that you have full control over any changes.

Step 4


Each project is tested by a team of specialists, therefore we minimize the risk of issues in the future.

Step 5

Implementation and maintenance

Once the product is finished, we can either hand over everything to you and your team, or stay on board as technical support to maintain the application or to continue building it.

Case study


We've created an application that helps students to learn!

MATURATOR is a comprehensive learning tool created out of affection for high school students! The application contains detailed study plans for each day to learn for the high school final exam. It was carefully prepared by the winners of the subject olympiads, former outstanding high school graduates and members of the Central Examination Board.

After selecting subjects each day, you receive notifications with a batch of materials to process for that day. The comprehensive plan takes into account the time for repeated material repetition, topics from the tasks set and previous exams.

Our job:

  • UX/UI Design
  • Android
  • Back-end development
  • Testing

A comprehensive platform for booking bicycle services

FixMyCycle is a great alternative to bicycle workshops. The application contains two options for booking two-wheeler repair services: basic and advanced. The user can book the service on-site or with the home delivery. The platform helps to save unnecessarily lost time and funds.

Our job:

  • UX/UI Design
  • PHP, ReactJS
  • Back-end development
  • Testing

“ It was a great and fruitful experience. There was no problem with communication, whenever I wanted to apply a new function or edit something it was ready the next day! Thus my mobile app was created on time and works really fine, and the design came out to be way more attractive than I expected. I strongly recommend!”

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